Wall Panelling

A wall panel is single piece of material. It is flat and generally in rectangular shape. It is the visible and exposed covering for a wall. Wall panels may be finished on only one side, as the other side goes against the wall. Wall panels can be decorative and also provide insulation and sound proofing. They are durable, reduce cost and look good.

Types of wall panelling:

  1. Gypsum wall panels
  2. Wood panelling
  3. Decorative Wall Panels
  4. Tile Board wall panels
  5. Utility Panelling
  6. Acoustical Panels
  7. Structural Wall Panels

Brands we use are Anutone, Armstrong, Gyproc and AMF

Gypsum wall panels or Drywalls:

Gypsum wall panels is the most poular choice now a days as it is less expensive and easy to work with.
Drywall is a large panel with gypsum sandwitched between two heavy paper faces. This is also called as Sheet rock, Gypsum board, Plaster board, Wall board etc…
Gypsum board is fire resistant as it contains dried gypsum and crystalised water. So, drywall prevents fire from spreading.
Gypusm in drywall absorbs sound. So it is used widely for quiter rooms.
Gypsum boards are used in variety of applications like wall panelling and ceiling. It is also compatible with paints and wallpapers after smooth finishing. It is also crack resistant. Only disadvantage is it’s heavy weight.
Differrent types of Gypsum boards are available in many sizes and thickness depending on the application.

  • gypsum board wall panelling

Wood Panelling:

Wood panelling will give your home a rich professional looking finish and warm feeling. It is easy to trim and cut wood panels(wide thin sheets of wood).

There are mainly two panelling options one is sheet panelling and other is board panelling. Sheet panelling in less expensive. In sheet panelling, a thin wood Veneer is applied on plywood base.Veneering significantly increases the strength of wood and makes it a beautiful product.

Wood panelling is more costly than Drywall panelling and take more time to complete.

Our Works

Project: C.M home -Bangalore
Scope: False ceiling and wall paneling with fabric and slots , & flooring
Area: 6.5K sft
Duration: 42days

Project: ISF-Bangalore
Scope: False ceiling with slots and Wall panelling with Anutone fabric panel
Area: 7K sft
Duration: 2months

Project: Rajajinagar-Bangalore
Scope: Acoustic wall with Fabric finishing & perforated ceiling
Area: 600 Sft
Duration: 15 days

Project: SFS College- Bangalore
Scope: Acoustic False ceiling and Wall paneling
Area: 20K sft
Duration: 23 days