False Ceiling Designs

Bring more aesthetic charm to your home with a false ceiling

False Ceiling can be classy, funky, vibrant, elegant, or bizarre; basically anything you want. You can explore a million False ceiling designs and choose the one that suits the tone you want to give to your room. The finishing can be done with paint or wallpaper as per your choice.

A false ceiling, also known as suspended ceiling, is a secondary ceiling suspended from the main ceiling with the help of a galvanized iron (GI) frame. There are three types of material that are used to create a false ceiling and give a definitive look to the room: gypsum board, wood panels and POP. Gypsum board is the most popular choice in recent times.

False ceiling creates a fascinating facade to conceal all the clutter of wires, AC ducts, copper pipes and other fixtures on the ceiling. However, one of the most significant uses that false ceiling can bring to your home is energy conservation. As the false ceiling reduces the volume of the room, the air conditioning becomes more effective. As the power consumption decreases, air conditioning becomes more affordable. Besides, it also provides thermal insulation because of an air gap that is created between the soffit and the false ceiling which does not allow the outside heat enter the room. Hence, it keeps the rooms warm in winters and cool in summers. That is not all; the gypsum board ceiling also has acoustic properties which reduces the noise levels in your home by blocking the outside noise. Gypsum board is also fire resistant unlike the wood panels.

The false ceiling gives you an opportunity to play with lights more elaborately and innovatively than you could before. If you have a reading space, you can add spot lighting. You can make the lighting more uniform in the rooms or you can use designer chandeliers. There are so many types of lighting available in the market these days that you just need to mention what you want it for and dealer will hand it over to you.

Ceiling is the ultimate sky of your home. To possess ceilings as sparkling as the sky, you should opt for false ceilings to decorate your home. False ceilings are popularly known as secondary or false or suspended ceilings that are used beneath the original ceilings.

Advantages of False Ceilings

o    Once you adapt to false ceilings, you will be relieved from the problems of dust and other unhygienic conditions.
o    False ceilings are highly resistant to water and heat; you will enjoy complete protection from sun and rain. These ceilings are resistant to fire and termites, as well.
o    False ceilings are easy to maintain as they are non porous and non absorbent by nature.
o    False ceilings are available in innumerable designs and color shades. So, you will be free from the hassles of painting and polishing your ceilings.

False ceilings will be the most suitable option for those who are planning to establish durable, beautiful and clean ceilings in their homes. Go for false ceilings now!

False Ceiling Designs

False ceilings are not bare materials that just cover up your ceilings. There are plenty of false ceiling designs available to quench your requirements. Get in touch with us. We can provide you with exact information about false ceiling designs. Few of our designs are: